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MySpace Backgrounds
We do not keep a database specifically for MySpace Backgrounds because there are simply too many possibilities. We do, however, have THOUSANDS of pre-made MySpace Layouts with backgrounds already included.
Use the Search box below to search our database of customizable pre-made layouts.
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(Enter search keywords above, e.g. "Music", "Sports", "People" or "Geo")
MySpace Backgrounds : It might surprise many people that one of the most sought-out resources related to MySpace is MySpace Backgrounds. This is mainly because there aren't too many sites out there dedicated to background images. Furthermore, most people will end up needing to hot-link their background and servers that accept this can be difficult to find. To top it all off, there are so many types of MySpace backgrounds that people may look for, including patterns, celebrities, geographic places, sports, music and many more. While we do not keep a background-specific database, we do include background images in all of our pre-made MySpace layouts and, as mentioned before, you can edit those to your liking, perhaps ditching everything but the background.

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We know you are looking for the best stuff and you want to keep with the latest on MySpace. Looking for MySpace Backgrounds is obviously a great first step. See what you think of your search results, check it out and see what you think. If you have trouble finding what you want, you may want to backtrack and go to the MySpace Tools Homepage. We hope you find what youre looking for!

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