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MySpace Super Top 8 Generator
    Welcome to the MySpace Toolbox MySpace Super Top 8 Generator! It allows you to overwrite and customize your "Top 8" section with up to 30 people! There's never been a simple way to do this until now! We've been hard at work and with our generator, all you have to do is:

 1. Select your number of columns and rows, your headings and your Friend ID and click "Update".
 2. Copy the URL of your first friend's profile into the form below and click "Update" to enter the data.
 3. Simply repeat step 2 with all of your friends to fill out your Super Top 8.
 4. Customize the names and pictures at will and click "Update" to finalize the code.
 5. Copy and paste the code below into the very bottom of your "Who I'd Like to Meet" section.
Rows: Columns:
Header #1
Header #2
Your Friend ID (How?):
Fill in the following position with the following friend's info:
Position: Friend Profile URL:
(e.g. "")
vvv THE CODE vvv
Click below and type Ctrl + C to copy code:
Click Here to Reset the Form
My Friends Space
I have many great friends!
View All of My Friends

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